Weapon Focus: Longbow (Human bonus)
Weapon Specialization: Longbow (Fighter bonus)
Iron Will (1 HD)
Point Blank Shot (Fighter bonus)
Improved Initiative (3 HD)
Precise Shot (Fighter bonus)
Improved Iron Will (5 HD)
Deadly Aim (Fighter bonus)
Far Shot (7 HD)
Rapid Shot (Fighter bonus)
Critical Focus (9 HD)
Manyshot (Fighter bonus)
Improved Precise Shot (11 HD)
Penetrating Strike (Fighter bonus)
Staggering Critical (13 HD)
Greater Weapon Focus: Longbow (Fighter bonus)
Blinding Critical (15 HD)
Greater Penetrating Strike (Fighter bonus)
Stunning Critical (17 HD)
Greater Weapon Specialization: Longbow (Fighter bonus)
Weapon Finesse (19 HD)
Quick Draw (Fighter bonus)

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